The guided and simple way to get started on your self-published book this weekend.


Start Your Book This Weekend is a challenge, a mini-course, and a set of targeted tutorials to cut out the "timesuck" of endless research, and help you actually write and publish your book.

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When you join us, you get immediate access to:

A roadmap to help you self-publish your book

One 30-step roadmap to the self-publishing process

One 90-minute workshop to take you through tips and info on all 30 steps

Eight video lessons that are deep dives into the key steps that will get you started on the right foot


Step 0: Get Ready to Create and Publish Your Book, Workbook, or Planner


This 12-minute video lesson called Start With Five Reasons to Use Self-Publishing as a Business Model will set the stage for our self-publishing adventure.

Step 1: Choose One of the Five Most Profitable Approaches to Self-Publishing


This 15-minute video lesson (or, optional text lesson) and its accompanying brainstorming doc will show you the five most profitable approaches to self-publishing and help you brainstorm ways to use each model in your own business.

P.S. You'll see actual examples of real books available on (some of them that I published myself) to help you get the different approaches.

Step 2: Firm Up Your Book Idea


This 27-minute video lesson (or optional text lesson) and the brainstorming spreadsheet that accompanies it will help you process through 25 unique brainstorming prompts to come up with your book topic and even course/challenge ideas or workshop/resource concepts that will help you promote your book or expand it in the future.

Step 3: Set Your Book Goals and Be Clear (to best direct your project)


This quick 3-minute video lesson and worksheet will help you set realistic and meaningful goals for your book project for both your audience and your brand.

Step 4: Outline Your Book the Smartest Way Ever


In two lessons (an 11-minute video lesson and a 9-minute video lesson), you will learn a staple outlining exercise for infopreneurs (information entrepreneurs), the trick behind deciding what to write first, and the key almost cheating way to finalize your outline and make sure what you create will really serve your audience.

Step 5: Create Your Book Hub (a.k.a Planning + Promotion Headquarters)


This super essential 23-minute video lesson will take you through how to set up an effective book planning and marketing hub. You will learn what a hub includes, how to structure your hub, and some of the tools you can use to build your hub online for free.

Note: Keep reading below for information on your exclusive bonuses for joining Start Your Book This Weekend.


SYBTW includes 3 exclusive bonuses that you get immediate access to when you join us.




This 30-step roadmap to self-publishing your own book and 90-minute workshop to take you through each step will get you moving toward your goal with clarity.



This 28-minute video training will help you learn how to create three of the top sales funnels for books (plus one secret fourth type of funnel that I've used recently that works seriously well).

You will see the logic/setup of the starting point and individual emails or broadcasts of the funnels . . . with actual examples.



Between the 2-hour workshop and 45-minute overview tutorial, you will learn how to create attractive PDF files in Apple Pages, as well as eBooks (ready for Kindle) in Microsoft Word.


In May 2013, I self-published my first print book. And I began to learn what it takes to create and market something that people want and are willing to pay for.



I owe everything to that first, intense project. I had to learn (the awkward and slow way) all 30 of the steps that Start Your Book This Weekend (SYBTW) teaches you. It was difficult and beautiful and I wouldn't trade that experience of making my first book profitable for anything. But I learned a lot and . . .

In December 2014, I self-published my second print book. And I have been able to earn a full-time income from this book alone every month since then.

Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 8.08.00 PM.png


What changed? I became more purposeful about my publishing model (as I show you in one of the 15-minute video lessons above) and I prioritized growing an audience of humans, passionate about the same things I am.

I want to help you get started on a meaningful journey this weekend . . . the process of successfully self-publishing your own books as an actual business model you love and understand.




This is for you if you've been saying, "I'm really going to start my book this month." or if people have been telling you "For real, you need to publish a book." If you have the desire to self-publish without all the headaches of endless Internet searches or rabbit holes filled with bad advice from people who haven't successfully published multiple books before, then let's do this. SYBTW is your secret weapon.