Seven targeted lessons, one workshop, and one 30-step roadmap to cut out the "timesuck" of endless research and help you write and publish your book.

Starting this weekend.



Why self-publish?

This 12-minute video lesson (or text if you prefer to read) takes you through five reasons self-publishing is such a good idea and epic choice for modern content creators.


how can you self-publish profitably?

This 15-minute video lesson (or, optional text lesson) and its accompanying brainstorming doc will show you the five most profitable approaches to self-publishing and help you brainstorm ways to use each model in your own business.

P.S. You'll see actual examples of real books available on (some of them that I published myself) to help you get the different approaches.



This 27-minute video lesson (or optional text lesson) and the brainstorming spreadsheet that accompanies it will help you process through 25 unique brainstorming prompts to come up with your book topic and even course/challenge ideas or workshop/resource concepts that will help you promote your book or expand it in the future.



This quick 3-minute video lesson and worksheet will help you set realistic and meaningful goals for your book project for both your audience and your brand.


How do you create a stellar rough draft outline? how do you finalize it? what do you write first?

In two lessons (an 11-minute video lesson and a 9-minute video lesson), you will learn a staple outlining exercise for infopreneurs (information entrepreneurs), the trick behind deciding what to write first, and the key almost cheating way to finalize your outline and make sure what you create will really serve your audience.


how can you keep your publishing project organized? how do you keep the momentum up?

This super essential 23-minute video lesson will take you through how to set up an effective book planning and marketing hub. You will learn what a hub includes, how to structure your hub, and some of the tools you can use to build your hub online for free.


what are the most effective funnels for self-published books? what do they include? how do they work?

This 28-minute video training will take you through three of the top sales funnels for books (plus one secret fourth type of funnel that I've used recently that works seriously well).

You will see the logic/setup of the starting point and individual emails or broadcasts of the funnels . . . with examples.

When you join us below, you get immediate access to all 7 lessons above, a 30-step roadmap to self-publishing your own book, and a 90-minute workshop to take you through each step and get you moving toward your goal with clarity.


And, P.S. If you decide to join my full Publish Your Thing program in the next 60 days, there's even a $100 off coupon (that can't be combined with other offers) inside the Start Your Book This Weekend (SYBTW) dashboard. So, you can get started with SYBTW and then upgrade and join us soon!

Oh, hey. If you join us on or before January 21, you get a FREE ticket to Start Your Book This Weekend LIVE.

SYBTW(L) is an online lock-in and coaching experience from January 19 - 21, 2018 with me (Regina of can read about me below).

During SYBTW(L), you will get to attend extra live trainings on publishing your book plus coaching sessions where you can ask questions specific to your book and business (and you'll get 30 days of access to the replays of these sessions, in addition to the lifetime access on the seven lessons above).



Here's the Start Your Book This Weekend LIVE schedule:


Friday, January 19

3 p.m. EST (Online Training)
Design Ultra-Sexy Book Landing Pages
Tools: We will design with one free tool, with Squarespace, and with Leadpages.

7 p.m. EST (Online Training + Co-Working)
Write Your Book's Intro and Conclusion
Tools: Just bring a notebook and pen or an open document on your computer/device.

Saturday, January 20

11 a.m. EST (Online Training)
Design Your eBook with Apple Pages
Note: We will go through setting up, laying out, and formatting a book in Pages. We will also cover the "necessary elements" of an eBook file that you plan to sell as a PDF.

3 p.m. EST (Online Training)
Design Your eBook with Microsoft Word
Note: We will use Microsoft Word to format an eBook intended for Kindle. If you want to start selling functional, epic eBooks for Kindle on, this is a great session for you.

7 p.m. EST (Online Training)
Publish Your Book on Kindle
Note: This session will cover the tech side of uploading and publishing a book in digital format with's Kindle options. You will learn how to set up your book, add a description, add a price, etc.

Sunday, January 21

3 p.m. EST (Group Coaching)
Work Your Book Into a Sales Funnel
Note: If you have a working landing page for your book, you can apply to be in one of the "hot seats" of this call--you'll get specific ideas and feedback from me and other participants on how to sell your book well. If you aren't in one of the hot seats, you can still listen, ask questions, and learn about book funnels.

7 p.m. EST (Group Coaching)
Work Your Book Into a Sales Funnel
Note: Ditto above; we will feature different people in the hot seats. You can choose to attend one coaching call or the other. We're offering more than one group coaching session in the hope that one of the times will work for you.


In May 2013, I self-published my first print book. And I began to learn what it takes to create and market something that people want and are willing to pay for.


I owe everything to that first, intense project. I had to learn (the awkward and slow way) all 30 of the steps that Start Your Book This Weekend (SYBTW) teaches you. It was difficult and beautiful and I wouldn't trade that experience of making my first book profitable for anything. But I learned a lot and . . .



In December 2014, I self-published my second print book. And I have been able to earn a full-time income from this book alone every month since then.

Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 8.08.00 PM.png

What changed? I became more purposeful about my publishing model (as I show you in one of the 27-minute video lessons above) and I prioritized growing an audience of humans, passionate about the same things I am.


I want to help you get started on a meaningful journey this weekend . . . the process of successfully self-publishing your own books as a business model.


Join me below for immediate access at an insanely special rate, and let's begin.


If you've been saying, "I'm really going to start my book this month." or people have been telling you "For real, you need to publish a book." . . . then let's do this.


Commit to publishing a book before February 28, 2018. You can do it, and I'm here to help.

Let's start this weekend.